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Friday, November 2, 2012


Demos of new KLYP iPhone 4/4S Accessory Round out Booth Lineup  

New York, N.Y. – At PhotoPlus, Manfrotto Distribution, world leader in the equipment and accessories industry for photography and imaging, announced the new 290 Carbon Fiber tripod models, L brackets and panoramic heads. Manfrotto also showcased the new KLYP accessory for the iPhone 4/4S.

“We are thrilled to debut innovative photography solutions that deliver versatility and quality at PhotoPlus,” Jodi Palm, category manager, photo supports. “Our new 290 Carbon Fiber tripod models, L brackets and panoramic heads deliver the durability and lightweight packaging our customers want. Additionally, we’re excited to showcase the new KLYP, which helps easily transform mobile phone photography into professional-looking shots.”

Manfrotto 290 Series Carbon Fiber Models
Manfrotto has announced the new 290 Series Carbon Fiber Models. Designed to help amateur photographers move to the next level, the carbon tripods are lighter, more durable and more compact than previous models. They also have interchangeable heads and can be adapted for shooting a variety of genres.

 The new additions consist of five models; four models in the 294 series and one 293 series model. The 294 is available as legs-only and also comes with complete, ready-to-use 294 kits including one with a three-way head. The 293 uses smaller diameter tubes and 4-section legs for a smaller size that can fit in most camera bags.

Key 290 series features include: 
  • Carbon tubing, adjustable leg levers, interchangeable heads 
  • Transportable, without any sacrifice in stability 
  • Durable and built for heavy-duty use, without any reduction in strength or performance over time 
L Brackets Manfrotto has announced new L brackets that allow photographers to change between landscape and portrait orientations effortlessly and quickly while maintaining the lens position and stability. The new L brackets are available in three versions: MS050M5-Q2, MS050M4- RC4 and MS050M4-Q5.

Key product features include:
  • Increased stability and transportability when shooting, due to lighter and more sturdy magnesium material 
  • Improved safety with a special anti-rotational system that fits around the camera body, guaranteeing a strong, firm grip 
  • Better shooting accuracy with extended vertical and horizontal range of movement 
  • Wide-range compatibility that can adapt to any camera body Innovative design that gives the L bracket a thinner profile  

Manfrotto Panoramic Head
Manfrotto has debuted two new panoramic heads that include the newly designed L bracket: the MH057A5 and MH057A5-LONG.

 The MH057A5 pan head permits the photographer to take sequential constant-angle shots around a single axis in either portrait or landscape positions. The models are built around and include the 300N panoramic unit, adding a system of sliding horizontal and vertical plates for accurate positioning of the camera. This model comes with the MS050M4-A2 L Bracket.

The MH057A5-LONG is an advanced pan head also built around the 300N pan rotation unit, with sliding plates and an L Bracket. The micro-positioning plates provide extremely precise fingertip adjustments via a gear drive system, and a release button disengages the gear drive to facilitate rapid movement of the plates when needed. This head is suitable for use with larger cameras.  

Manfrotto is demoing its first mobile phone accessory, KLYP, at the PhotoPlus booth during the show. KLYP is dedicated to all iPhone 4 and 4S owners and is a revolutionary and stylish solution that transforms the phone into a complete and professional camera.

Intended to become a must-have item for all digital enthusiasts, KLYP is a special iPhone case equipped with two adapter clips ready to host Manfrotto’s pocket tripods and LED lights. The two removable “clips” can be attached to any of four different points around the case to allow for both landscape and portrait images.

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About Manfrotto Distribution

Manfrotto Distribution, Inc. is a leading distributor of key accessories brands for the photographic, video, cine and lighting production markets. Manfrotto Distribution is an international company within the Imaging Division of the Vitec Group, which owns the following leading international brands: Manfrotto, Gitzo, Kata, Avenger and Lastolite. As the U.S. distributor of National Geographic, Metz, Gossen, Elinchrom, and Rotatrim, which are available nationwide through an extensive network of authorized dealers, Manfrotto Distribution offers the most complete range of exceptional camera and lighting accessories in the business. The Manfrotto Distribution international network covers the U.S., Germany, France, Italy, U.K., Hong Kong, China and Japan.

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