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Thursday, November 1, 2012


The award winning Kata Revolver, FlyBy Rolling Bags and New 3N1 models are highlights of the latest introductions. 

NEW YORK, NY – Manfrotto Distribution, world leader in the equipment and accessories industry for imaging, brings a stellar lineup of Kata products to the PDN Photoplus Conference + Expo in New York City. A broad array of Kata introductions in both the Pro-Light Series (Bags designed with the protection, capacity and features required by professionals) and the D-Light Series (Kata quality and protection for casual photography) will be on display at the expo. All introductions include Kata’s signature lightweight protection with the use of new materials and innovative design elements.

“Missing a shot is not an option,” said Doug Feldner, Product Category Manager “and Kata’s Lightweight Protection ensures that your gear is ready while minimizing the wear and tear on a body caused by carrying too much weight.”

Pro-Light Revolver 8 – 2012 Red Dot Design Award Winner Changes the Game in Photo Backpacks
Joining the ranks of Kata’s innovative designs, the Revolver-8 (KT PL-R-8 - $249.99 Street Price) is a completely new concept in camera bags. When in the field, photographers must grapple with the problem of quick access to their accessories, especially lenses. Camera access with the Revolver 8 is easy via a quick open top compartment. The real magic of the bag lay in the revolver type magazine in the lower compartment of the bag.

With an opening on either side of the bag, this revolver spins to make any accessory in the compartment quickly accessible. Quickly get to your accessories without putting the bag down or searching through the compartment. This feature is especially handy for those carrying an array of lenses in an active shooting environment. The Revolver 8 is designed for a DSLR with grip and standard lens + 70-200 + 16-35 + 50mm + 100mm macro lens, and up to 15.4" laptop.
Next Generation Pro-Light FlyBy Photo Rollers – A Super Light, Super Strong and Customizable Gear Traveling Bag

 Although the FlyBy looks like a stylish piece of luggage, it provides an unparalleled level of protection in a super lightweight rolling bag. Industry leading storage depth and a fully customizable main  compartment make this the perfect bag for carrying just about any assortment of gear. And today it's even lighter than before. The dimensions of the FlyBy are within the strict international and domestic flight regulations; however due to constantly changing airline regulations we do recommend checking with your carrier prior to departure.

There are two sizes in the Pro-Light Flyby Series:
  • Pro-Light Flyby 75 Rolling Photo Case (Model # KT PL-FB-75 - $249.99 Street Price) FlyBy-75 PL Photo Roller for 1-2 Pro DSLR Bodies + 6-8 Lenses (up to 400 mm) and 15.4” or smaller laptop 
  • Pro-Light Flyby 77 Rolling Photo Case (Model # KT PL-FB-77 - $299.99 Street Price) – FlyBy-77 PL Photo Roller for 2-4 Pro DSLR Bodies + 8-10 Lenses (600 mm) and 17” or smaller laptop. 

New Kata 3N1 Sling / Backpacks – Sleek and Simple Stylish Design as Part of The D- Light Series

Introduced four years ago, the Kata 3N1 Sling / Backpack was an entirely new camera bag concept. Combining the comfort of a backpack and quick draw access of a sling, the 3N1 quickly became a favorite among professional photographers and enthusiasts. Left-handed photographers chose the 3N1 because it was the only sling on the market that they could configure for left-handed use.

The 3N1 has been updated as part of the Kata D-Light line of camera bags. When designing this product refresh, the Kata design team focused on style and simplicity. With sleek lines, the new D-Light 3N1 models offer a stylish look with the added benefit of not looking like a typical camera bag. The overall design was also simplified to make the new 3N1 easier to use. The overall look, black rip-stop nylon with white accents, is the calling card of the Kata D-Light product line.

There are four sizes in the D-Light 3N1 Family:
  • D-Light 3N1-10 (Model # KT DL-3N1-10 - $79.99 Street Price) - 3N1-10 DL Sling Backpack for DSLR w/mid-range zoom lens+ 1-2 lenses+flash. 
  • D-Light 3N1-20 (Model # KT DL-3N1-20 - $99.99 Street Price) – 3N1-20 DL Sling Backpack for DSLR w/mid-range zoom lens+ 3-4 lenses+flash 
  • D-Light 3N1-22 (Model # KT DL-3N1-22 - $119.99 Street Price) - 3N1-22 DL Sling Backpack for DSLR w/mid-range zoom lens+ 3-4 lenses+flash + iPad / Tablet / Netbook 
  • D-Light 3N1-33 (Model # KT DL-3N1-33 - $149.99 Street Price) - 3N1-33 DL Sling Backpack for DSLR w/long-range zoom lens+ 5-6 lenses+flash+ 15.2" Laptop

Kata Pro-Light carrying solutions are available for purchase at Authorized Manfrotto Distribution dealers. Information on all Kata products is available at  

About Manfrotto Distribution
Manfrotto Distribution, Inc. is a leading distributor of key accessories brands for the photographic, video, cine and lighting production markets. Manfrotto Distribution is an international company within the Imaging Division of the Vitec Group, which owns the following leading international brands: Manfrotto, Gitzo, Kata, Avenger and Lastolite. As the U.S. distributor of National Geographic, Metz, Gossen, Elinchrom and Rotatrim, which are available nationwide through an extensive network of authorized dealers, Manfrotto Distribution offers the most complete range of exceptional camera and lighting accessories in the business. The Manfrotto Distribution international network covers the U.S., Germany, France, Italy, U.K., Hong Kong, China and Japan.

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