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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nikon D4 Hands-On Sneak Peek

With all the news from Pentax I had to find something else for all you non pentax users, well here you go, Nikon D4 Hands-On Sneak Peek from TheCameraStoreTV


Video on new Pentax K-01

Video Interview with Pentax's K-01 designer Marc Newson

And a quick Hands on Video 

Official release date and Price for Fuji X-Pro1

FUJIFILM Announces pricing for REVOLUTIONARY

Valhalla, N.Y., February 2, 2012 – Following the introduction of its newest and most advanced addition to its X-Series line-up during the 2012 International CES in Las Vegas last month – the revolutionary FUJIFILM X-Pro1 interchangeable lens digital camera system – FUJIFILM North America Corporation today confirmed its pricing.

The FUJIFILM X-Pro1 has a brand new, custom developed 16MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensorTM that incorporates a newly developed filter array and Fujifilm’s proprietary EXR Processor technology that delivers extraordinary image resolution, clarity and beauty that will rival currently available mid and high-end DSLR models. The FUJIFILM X-Pro1 also features a New 2nd Generation Hybrid Multi Viewfinder and three prime interchangeable FUJINON lenses.

Pricing for the FUJIFILM X-Pro1 interchangeable lens digital camera system is as follows:

New Lensbaby Macro Converters Give Lensbaby Shooters Limitless Close-Focus Options

Portland, OR – February 2, 2012 – Lensbaby announces today the addition of its new macro photography accessories for its lens bodies and optics, the Lensbaby Macro Converters. These Macro Converters help Lensbaby photographers create close-up, dreamy and artistic photos while blurring out distracting elements.

“We’ve created a product that offers even more macro options beyond our existing Lensbaby Macro Kit, and works with every lens body and optic we make,” said Craig Strong, Lensbaby President and Co-Founder. “These Macro Converters offer great close-up range, and when mixed and matched with our existing Macro Kit, provide even more options for creative Lensbaby macro photography.”

New Pentax Lens Road Map!

New lenses on the horizon at Pentax for your existing K-mount or the new K-01.
To sum it up, it looks like 3 new DA lenses this year with a mark at 50mm, a telephoto in the 5-600 range and a super zoom in the 18-200+range
In 2013 there is 4 lenses plus a 1.4x teleconverter listed with a DA* listed in the 20-80ish range (reading like a perspective new lens for full frame??) a DA Limited zoom (maybe a fish eye?) a Wide zoom and a 80-200ish zoom.
To see for your self Click HERE (downloads the PDF from Pentax)

NEW PENTAX K-01 mirrorless camera

Remember, we here at P3 N&R were the FIRST to report seeing this new camera as published HERE

DENVER, CO February 2, 2012
When is a camera more than a photographer’s tool? The answer is when it’s an object designed by Marc Newson, one of the most acclaimed and influential contemporary designers.  

PENTAX RICOH IMAGING AMERICAS CORPORATION introduces the Marc Newson designed PENTAX K-01* interchangeable lens camera (ILC). The new PENTAX K-01 is another bold effort from the manufacturer that is known for pushing camera size, color, durability, and now, design, to the limit. Widely known for designing a wide range of objects from furniture and household products to bicycles, cars, aircraft and yachts, Marc Newson has had collected works displayed in The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City and many other major museums. *prounouced kay zero one.

The contemporary, timeless K-01 houses a full array of advanced functions and user-friendly features in a camera body with remarkable form and function. The elimination of an optical viewfinder and quick-return mirror gave Newson more freedom in designing the camera body, and the K-01 showcases Newson originality in every detail. Available in black, white and Newson’s signature yellow colors, the K-01 features the designer’s autograph logo stamp on the bottom of each camera.

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