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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hands-on with the Kata Revolver 8-PL

With the 3n1 series, Kata created a new paradigm for camera backpack/slingpacks. And now with the RedDot Design Award winning Revolver they have done it again. Kata is well-known for their top-quality products, with outstanding protection of expensive equipment using ultra lightweight materials. Their newest offering, the Revolver 8-PL, Kata has given photographers the comfort of a backpack, with the ease of access of a sling.

This bag has it all. No really. It does. Every problem I can think of with carrying gear in a backpack is solved. It has the two-shoulder weight distribution of a backpack with the accessibility convenience of a sling. The wonderfully nifty revolving compartment (which revolves quite easily) gives easy access to gear regardless of which side you open it from. (pro-tip - evenly distribute the load for ease of turning). It holds enough gear for a professional level shooter's needs but works wonderfully for the casual shooter as well (additional lens slots can be used for snacks and whatnot while the stretchy strap holds them neatly in place).

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