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Monday, August 7, 2017

Inexpensive Filter for the Upcoming Solar Eclipse

Filter in package and assembled
No matter where you are in relation to the path of totality, or the percent of totality you will witness, a solar eclipse in your neighborhood is an exciting event for photographers.  Filters designed for shooting directly into the sun can run anywhere from $75 to $200 or more.  Kind of a lot of money for the rare eclipsal occurence.  
Filter on end of 70-200/2.8
Enter the Universal Lens Filter made by Daystar Instruments. The filter portion of this little fold-it-yourself over-the-lens cap is the same film that is featured on the eclipse viewing glasses that are being distributed for free in many outlets and online. 
While this does not qualify as "quality optics," it will allow the casual shooter to get shots of whatever portion of the eclipse in view.  A great deal at $12.95 each through B&H.  The resulting image did reveal a sunspot visible in the shot. 
Available here: Daystar filters

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