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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Local Drone Laws

So your standing in a new town, state, on vacation in another country and you want an aerial view, so you plop down your backpack, pull out your drone, turn it on, connect to it and take off.
Next thing you know your surrounded by the cops thinking your the next UBL and spying with an aerial IED.

As with all activities, especially in a foreign country you really need to check local laws first. Even in ground based photography you can get in trouble in areas without a permit if your shooting for commercial purposes.

What do you do, who do you call?  More after the jump...

New Profoto A1 "The world’s smallest studio light:"

**It looks like the old might Q-flash may have meet its maker with the new Profoto A1, With more technology and some better stats its shaping to be the next choice for wedding and strobist type photographers alike. With full power recycling at only 1.2 seconds with built in Li-ion battery its should be a dream for anyone who needs to overpower anything, and quickly. Support for Nikon and Canon at first with Sony coming later, this flash will be a game changer for many. Full PR below:
The Profoto A1 might be the smallest flash we’ve ever made, but it’s still built to the same impossibly high standards we’ve set ourselves over the last fifty years.

Our focus with the A1 was to create a flash that delivers a truly high quality of light, which is why it features a round head which delivers light that’s both natural and beautiful with a pleasing soft-smooth fall-off, that blends seamlessly with the ambient light.

Thanks to a smart magnetic mount built into the head, light shaping tools and modifiers can be clicked on and off quickly and easily. Within seconds you’re being creative with light, shaping it.

It also has a zoom function that allows you to make fine adjustments to the spread of light by simply twisting the zoom ring on the head, and for accuracy it has a modeling light built-in to the head – so you can see what you’re going to get before you press the shutter.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tenba Launches New Air Cases

A new line of rolling cases with the protection of a hard case at a fraction of the weight, perfect for the traveling photographer.

September 19, 2017
Tenba Air Case Attaché cases are the ultimate lightweight multipurpose transportation solution for every style and size of photographic and filmmaking gear. They provide the strength and rigidity of a hard case at a fraction of the weight, allowing more gear — and heavier gear — to be stored in the case while keeping the overall weight within airline limitations. Air Cases are shippable and airline checkable, so they deliver the same safety as a hard case, but with smoother, steadier performance and better usability and when traveling.

Hard Case Protection — Less Weight
Air Cases are strong enough to withstand more than 400 pounds stacked on top, yet they weigh up to 35% less than the average plastic hard case. They also solve many of the common issues with plastic hard cases by having stronger, smoother rolling wheels, more customizable interior layouts with softer padding, rolling luggage handles that extend to a more comfortable walking height, zippered interior pockets to organize cables and smaller accessories, and much more.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

How it all Went, Part Two (Bicycling)

Continuing with my Wales adventure and the problems encountered when needed to carry and use photography equipment while participating in non-photography-centric activities.

Tredomen,Wales, U.K.  Taking a
break at the crossroads
The second photography related problem to solve was how to deal with the camera while on a rental bicycle.  Of course I could put the camera in the small bag and put that in the day pack to ride.  But every time I wanted to snap a picture, I would have to stop, remove the day pack, unload the camera, take the shot, then load it all back up again.  

Lens tucked into hip belt
of daypack.
Recall, the challenge was keeping the camera accessible.  It would be much more convenient to have the camera secured to my person in such a way that I could stop, un-secure, shoot, securre.

My solution to this dilemma was to cross carry the camera under a jacket, supported in place by the hip belt (added on post-purchase) of the day pack, tucking the lens into the belt to hold it still while riding.  Again, far from an ideal solution and one that required constant checking and adjusting as peddling the bike caused it to jiggle out gradually. Plus, it’s probably not real good for the lens. 

In the year or so  leading up to this trip (and for cycling at home as well) I had searched for a type of camera body harness that would work in this capacity. Nothing was quite right. I want something that will fasten the camera to my torso while allowing me to use the camera’s strap when I unhook it. I am almost to the point of making something myself to work in this capacity.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Photography and Sexism: Is it a Thing?

The BBC recently posted an article (dated September 14) regarding the marketing strategy for the new Nikon 850D, and the lack of female photographers utilized in the campaign.  The original article can be read here:
Nikon in spotlight over sexism row but for the sake of convenience, the text is below:
"Nikon has acknowledged criticism from the online photography community over the lack of female photographers in its recent advertising.

So where did the Nikon D850 Sensor come from

Not Sony!
According to Ken Wheeler it is TowerJazz, a Panasonic subsidiary in Israel with sensor plants in Japan. Who else do they make sensors for: Leica, and probably the Israeli military.
Trying to track down more reference to confirm, but the amount of research at least makes sense.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Canon Announces its Newest Professional 4K HDR Reference Display

Featuring Stable High-Luminance and 12G-SD1 Terminals

 MELVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 12, 2017 – Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced the Canon DP-V2411 4K HDR1 Reference Display, a 24-inch display that features stable high luminance and 12G-SDI terminals, ideal for use on-set in broadcasting vans, and in-studio needs.  

Canon DP-V2411 4K HDR Reference Display
Highlighting Canon’s proprietary display image processor, LED direct backlight system design and an In-Plane Switching (IPS) LCD screen, the DP-V2411 display provides users with detailed and precise color reproduction as well as high resolution, high contrast and high luminance, allowing for accurate review and confirmation of 4K and HDR video content.
The DP-V2411 Display reaches peak luminance and full-screen white luminance of 600 cd/m, helping to prevent changes in luminance that can occur depending on the video images being viewed. These video images feature stable high-luminance performance for even more precise luminance and color review confirmation of 4K HDR video when shooting on location or in a studio.

Canon Launches Three New Compact and Lightweight 4K Uhd Video Camcorders

Three New Additions to the Canon Video Family: The Xf405, Xf400 and Vixia Hf Gx10
MELVILLE, N.Y., Sept. 12, 2017   
--> Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, today announced three new additions to the company’s video camcorder lineup: the XF405 4K UHD  Video Camcorder, the XF400 4K UHD Video Camcorder and the VIXIA HF GX10 4K UHD Video Camcorder, three lightweight and compact video camcorders that feature 4K/60p video recording. 
Canon XF405 4K UHD Video Camcorder       Canon XF400 4K UHD Video Camcorder     Canon VIXIA GX10 4K UHD Video Camcorder



Canon XF405, XF400 and VIXIA HF GX10 4K UHD Video Camcorders
The Canon XF405 and XF400 4K UHD Video Camcorders are both ideal for applications like broadcast interviews, documentaries and weddings. Designed with advanced amateurs and hobbyists in mind, the VIXIA HF GX10 4K UHD Video Camcorder provides the same high- image quality as the Canon XF405 and XF400.
1 Specifications, availability and prices are subject to change without notice.  Actual prices are set by individual dealers and may vary.

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