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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Local Drone Laws

So your standing in a new town, state, on vacation in another country and you want an aerial view, so you plop down your backpack, pull out your drone, turn it on, connect to it and take off.
Next thing you know your surrounded by the cops thinking your the next UBL and spying with an aerial IED.

As with all activities, especially in a foreign country you really need to check local laws first. Even in ground based photography you can get in trouble in areas without a permit if your shooting for commercial purposes.

What do you do, who do you call?  More after the jump...

So you fire up your smart phone, suck the data out of your plan and find out 3 of the 10 laws they have and still get in trouble because you never knew the other 7. If only someone made in interactive map and app for all this...

Well yes Virginia, there is an app for that and you can read all about that HERE

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