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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Surprising Gem: The Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 10

Sometimes the best bag for the job is a bag that is not intended for that particular job. 

Take the tiny gem by Think Tank: The Mirrorless Mover 10. 

Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 10
I found this little beauty while shopping for something to hold a second lens on a backpacking trip (see here).  The requirements were that it needed to hold the lens in question, have a back belt loop for attachment, and a waterproof cover. Any extra pockets for cards, batteries or other knick knacks were a bonus. 

This sweet little bag, designed for mirrorless cameras, not lenses, had all of that plus.  A removable shoulder strap just increases its versatility.  The top zips and then closes over that with magnetic attachment in the flap. The front pocket has an accessory pocket inside to keep small items from getting lost.  There are two side pocket: One that stretches and one with a gusset. The rain cover attaches to the back with a velcroed strap that can be detached. 

All the pockets! With
the bag divider against the
back wall to make room
for the lens.

Inside the body of the bag are more pockets (one can never have too many pockets).  One small pocket is in the lid, and because Think Tank makes such good use of all available space, the divider has two memory card pockets, plus a bonus pocket build into the divider itself.  Pocket heaven!  While using this bag as a lens carrier, the divider was just attached to the real wall of the bag.  No sense is wasting good usable pockets. 

The raincover of this back provides an exceptional fit.  While some moisture did get between myself and the back of the bag, the interior of the bag stayed quite dry and the lens protected.

Mirrorless Mover holding
lens for which it was purchased
All of these features are not strictly required when carrying just a lens, but they are handy to have available. In a true thinking outside the box manner, sometimes the best bag for the job wasn't designed for the job.

The bag comes in five color combinations (charcoal, heathered grey, dark blue and deep red), and retails for $44.75.  The article reviewed was purchased at B&H.

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