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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Brightest Minds in VR/AR Technology Gather at NYVR Expo to Share Knowledge / Future Insight Through Series of Seminars and Special Events

Microsoft, HTC Vive, Facebook, and Google Among Tech Companies Conducting Seminars; Columbia University / NYU Media Labs Discuss the Future of VR/AR

New York – October 19, 2017NYVR Expo, the first large-scale Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) conference in New York City, will conduct more than 45 seminars over the three day conference from October 26-28 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Presented by many of the world’s leading technology companies including Microsoft, HTC Vive, Facebook, and Google, among others, the seminars will share the latest in VR/AR technology and offer insight about how to incorporate these technologies into new business opportunities. In addition, members of the NYU and Columbia University Media Labs will share their thoughts and insight on the future of Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality, the law firm of McCarter & English will host a panel of venture capitalists to discuss the funding environment and The Glimpse Group, a VR/AR company, will explain the challenges that startups face in the industry and tips for success.

“We reached out to the NYC community, and around the world, for the best-in-class speakers on a range of topics,” noted Hugh Seaton, conference advisor. “We’re really proud of what we’ve been able to assemble and it will be an awesome experience.”

The NYVR Expo is scheduled from October 27-28, and will feature the newest products, services, and technologies from more than 50 manufacturers in the VR/AR industry.  Passes for NYVR will also give attendees free access to PhotoPlus Expo, the largest photography trade show in North America.  PhotoPlus Expo will run from October 26-28 and will be collocated with NYVR Expo at the Jacob Javits Center.

“From beginning to end, the NYVR Conference and Expo will give attendees an opportunity to see the latest in VR and AR technologies and learn from the world’s foremost authorities about how to apply the technology to their businesses,” said Mike Gangel, show director for NYVR Expo. “Whether you’re in software development, advertising, or real estate, there will be a number of seminars, panel discussions, and special presentations that will address the future needs and opportunities for your business.”

Featured Seminars at NYVR Conference + Expo (full list available online)

Thursday, October 268:00—8:45 a.m.
Presented by Microsoft Representative
Welcome to the future. During this seminar, Microsoft will demonstrate the amazing ability of HoloLens and the latest R&D updates and features.  HoloLens will be able to let you view and interact with work projects such as assembling 3D models, play games like Minecraft, video chat with hologram versions of Skype contacts, and even watch live content.

Thursday, October 268:00—8:45 a.m.
Jim Malcolm (Vuze Camera)
Creating 360 VR Video is easier than you think. Join industry veteran Jim Malcolm as he shares his experiences and shows you tips and tricks for making amazing, and amazingly easy, 360 VR videos.

Thursday, October 269:00—9:45 a.m.
Chetan Gupta (Facebook 360)
Join Chetan Gupta, product manager at Facebook, as he shares the latest advancements in 360 technologies with photos and video, including scaling 360 media. The presentation will give attendees a real sense of how this technology, available today, can be applied to their business and creative endeavors.

Thursday, October 262:15—3:00 p.m.
Alban Denoyel (Sketchfab)
So what is Photogrammetry, anyway, and why is it important in the world of VR and AR? By definition, it is the science of making measurements from photographs but in the world of VR/AR it is a platform for content creators to upload photos and graphics and use as reference for constructing 3D objects. Alban Denoyel is the co-founder and CEO of Sketchfab, the number 1 platform to publish and explore 3D content on the web, mobile devices, and the world of AR/VR. If you’re a content developer, you need to attend this seminar.

Friday, October 278:00—8:45 a.m.
Ken Perlin (New York University)
This was an exciting year for VR and AR but the technology is moving so quickly it’s hard to determine what is in front of us and available for use, and what is still in the R&D stages. Ken Perlin is a professor in the Department of Computer Science at NYU and directs the Future Reality Lab and a participating faculty member at NYU MAGNET. During this presentation, Mr. Perlin will provide insight to the future of this technology.

Friday, October 279:00—9:45 a.m.
Steven Feiner (Columbia University)
Researchers have been actively exploring Augmented Reality (AR) for a half century, first in the lab and later in the streets. What can AR make possible by interactively integrating virtual media with our experience of the physical world? This question, and others, will be answered by Steven Feiner, a Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University where he directs the Computer Graphics and User Interfaces Lab, and co-directs the Columbia Vision and Graphics Center.

Friday, October 2711:30a.m.—12:15 p.m.
Micah Brown, Jennifer Holland, Daron Jenkins, Michael McNair, Ekaterina Prasolova-Forland
In this panel discussion with thought-leaders from the VR industry, the issue of creating diversity and tech industry will be thoughtfully discussed and panelists will discuss how this is being discussed and answer questions from the audience.

Friday, October 271:30—2:15 p.m.
VR & Entertainment (Sponsored by NYC Media Lab)
Justin Hendrix (NYC Media Lab)
How is Virtual Reality changing the entertainment landscape and what does the future hold? Join NYC Media Lab Executive Director Justin Hendrix for a fireside chat to get the answers to these, and many other questions.

Friday, October 273:30—4:15 p.m.
VC Funding (Sponsored by McCarter & English)
Moderator: David Sorin (McCarter & English)
Panelists: Kai Bond, Doug Clinton, Jacob Lowenstein, Alison Malloy
Join a panel of VC's moderated by McCarter & English's David Sorin, as they discuss the current funding environment and share tips and insight for attracting and securing funding for your company.

Saturday, October 2810:00—11:00 a.m.
Developing Roomscale (Sponsored by HTC Vive)
Dario Laverde (HTC)
The best VR is in room-scale, which is the ability to physically move within a space to replicate real-world movement. Join HTC's Dario Laverde as he conducts a “walk-around” and demonstrates the latest technology in room-scale development.

Saturday, October 282:15—3:00 p.m.
Startups in VR/AR (Sponsored by The Glimpse Group)
Lyron Bentovim (The Glimpse Group)
The session will discuss the unique challenges facing startups in VR and AR in addition to the challenges that face all startups and the variety of paths that the founders can take to achieve success in this emerging market.

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