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Tuesday, October 17, 2017


A manual flash with all the innovation you’ve come to expect from Phottix
Phottix JunoPriding themselves on developing innovative and intuitive lighting solutions for photographers with varying styles, workflows, and passions; Phottix has created a new and powerful, yet easy to use, manual hot shoe flash: the Phottix Juno
One Flash, Any Camera System
The Juno Transceiver Flash is a single-point, manual flash with all the features and functionality photographers need to get their job done, regardless of the camera system they are using. The Juno is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony (MIS), Pentax, Panasonic, Fuji and Olympus camera systems. With a guide number of 58, it delivers precise output from 1/128 to Full Power in 1/3 stop increments. An intuitive command dial and backlit LCD display makes working with the Juno fast and easy. 

One Flash, Any Camera System
Built-in Transceiver Triggering
Juno is integrated with the latest cutting edge technology of Phottix’s most recently announced Ares II Wireless Flash Trigger. When set to Transmitter Mode, Juno can wirelessly trigger other nearby Juno flashes or any light attached to a compatible Phottix wireless receiver. Setting Juno to Receiver Mode allows Juno to be triggered by another Juno flash or an Ares II Wireless Flash Trigger. This Transceiver function brings with it all the latest and greatest Phottix technology:
  • Transmits at 2.4 GHz for consistent wireless triggering reliability
  • Wirelessly trigger lights from over 300ft (100m) away
  • Group your lights amongst 4 groups and 16 channels for optimum versatility
  • Isolate all your lights from other photographers with Phottix's Digital ID function.
Juno is also compatible with other Phottix flash trigger systems and has two built-in optical slave modes - a traditional optical slave mode as well as a TTL pre-flash delay mode. It even has a PC Socket, providing even more compatibility with a wide number of legacy manual flashes.
Built-in Transceiver Triggering
Turn it on, set your power, plug in your transmitter and you are in business. No extra parts or cables needed! Off camera flash can’t get any simpler than this.
Part of the Phottix Manual Ecosystem.
In keeping with their holistic approach to product development, Juno is compatible with Phottix’s complete line of manual flash products. This includes the recently released Ares II flash trigger, the Strato II multi wireless flash trigger and the Litemaster L-478DR-PX light meter from Sekonic.
Part of the Phottix Manual Ecosystem
Backed by Strong Customer Support
Should the unforeseen occur, Phottix is offering a 2-year warranty on the Juno Flash. Also, to insure minimal downtime Phottix will replace or repair a Juno quickly and easily via their service center in White Plains NY, unlike many other flash manufactures that require service to be done in Asia.
Backed by Strong Customer Support
Ready To Go!
The Phottix Juno is available alone and in the brand new “Ready to Go” Kit, which includes (1x) Juno flash, (1x) Ares II trigger transmitter, (1x) P190 MK II 75” Light Stand, (1x) Double Small Folding Shoot Through 36” Umbrella, (1x) Varos Pro S Multifunction Flash Shoe Umbrella Holder, all packed in one of Phottix’s 28” Gear Bags. This versatile kit is an unbeatable value for any photographer shooting on location portraiture.
Price and Availability:
The Phottix Juno is available now!
Technical Specifications:
Modes: Manual and Multi-Stroboscopic
Guide No.: 58 /190 (meters/feet at 200mm, ISO 100)
Flash Coverage: 20 - 200mm (14mm with wide angle diffuser panel)
Zoom: Manual 20 - 200mm (14mm with wide angle diffuser panel)
Rotation: 180 degrees both directions, Up-Down: -7 to 90 degrees
Stroboscopic Flash: Frequency: 1 - 1OOHz, Number of flashes: 1 - 24 (1/128 power)
Power: Four size-AA Alkaline or NiMH batteries
Power Saving: Non-wireless slave modes: 10 mins /30 mins /60 mins or Off
Recycling Time/Flash-ready Indicator: Normal flash: Approx. 0.1 - 5 sec.
Wireless Flash Transmission Method: Radio Frequency and Optical Pulse
Channels: 1 - 16, ID (5-16) Range (Approx.):
Radio: 100m Groups: 5; M [Master], A, B, C, D (TX mode)
Dimensions: (L x W x H ): 7.5 x 3 x 2in
Weight: .84lb (Flash Only, excluding batteries)
About Phottix: Since its inception by a small group of like-minded photographers Phottix has been on the cutting-edge of innovation and excellence in the photographic industry. From the landmark Phottix Odin™ TTL Flash Trigger to the Phottix Indra360 TTL Studio Light, 2016’s TIPA Award-winning Best Professional Flash System, Team Phottix has and continues to develop new technologies while adapting existing technology with the feedback of photographers. Phottix’s current flagship trigger, the Odin II, was developed based on the input from professional and semi-professional photographers from around the world. The Phottix track record speaks for itself. Holder of 40 patents, in the last five years Phottix has become a dominant force in the photography industry. Working with Light Alliance partners Elinchrom and Sekonic, the next generation of lighting solutions are being developed. There are some amazing technologies on the horizon for photographers. For additional information, please visit:
About MAC Group: MAC Group is a sales, marketing and distribution company dedicated to supplying photographers, videographers, educators and students with the world's finest image-making tools, education and inspiration. For more information on the MAC Group, please visit:

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