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Friday, October 27, 2017

Sony Users Now GO RETRO with NOVOFLEX!

Reverse mount your Sony E-mount lenses for amazing macro effects 

New NEX-RETRO from NOVOFLEX Allows users with Sony E-Mount cameras (e.g. Sony Alpha 7/Alpha 9 series, Alpha 6000 series, etc.) to reverse mount their existing lenses to achieve closer focus. NEX-RETRO transfers all electronic functions such as aperture control, EXIF data and autofocus, from the reversed lens to the camera body as if it were mounted directly.

Look More Closely
With a 18-105 mm zoom lens in reverse position, you get an image ratio of 1:7 at 105 mm and 2.8:1 at 28 mm expanding the versatility of your zoom lens exponentially. The adapter itself has a 58mm filter thread. Stepping rings are available for other filter sizes.

The Common Thread
In addition to reversing the lens on the camera, NEX-RETRO allows the Sony E-Mount system user to incorporate NOVOFLEX bellows systems for even closer focus and greater magnification ratios.

“The new NEX-RETRO reversing adapter from NOVOFLEX is a powerful addition to any Sony user’s toolkit. It allows any Sony E mount lens to be attached to the camera in a reverse orientation changing the focal length to macro functionality with full electronic transmission as though the lens were mounted directly to the camera in its usual manner. We’re delighted to bring this functionality to Sony users just as the EOS-RETRO provides to Canon users.”
Brenda K. Hipsher, NOVOFLEX Product Manager

Bring to life the finest details: NEX-RETRO allows reverse mounting of Sony E-mount lenses for close focus macro applications.
No compromise in flexibility: NEX-RETRO retains complete electronic functionality between Sony E-mount lenses and bodies.
Precision engineering: NEX-RETRO is the perfect tool to make the perfect picture even better.
Price and Availability:
Reverse adapter for Sony E-Mount - NEX-RETRO: Suggested Street Price $450.00 - Available Now

For over 60 years, NOVOFLEX has been producing photographic and cinematic accessories that are unique on the world market. All NOVOFLEX products have originated from practical experience and the needs of the user, be it professional or amateur. Our products are designed to overcome the big and small problems of daily photographic activities. NOVOFLEX products are exclusively distributed by MAC Group in the USA. For more information visit:
About MacGroup:
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