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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Wrap of PhotoPlus Expo 2017 and our Top Pics

We wrap our live coverage from the show with an overview and our top picks of the show:
  • LitraTorch an amazing bright continuous light perfect for lighting your photos, videos, drone or even a campsite all in a compact tough metal package at a very reasonable price. Also a HUGE thanks to them for letting us use one for the entire show to light our videos!
  • Olympus with their amazing E-M10III and new 17 and 45mm F1.2 lenses
  • PlatyPod a flat “tripod” base that is not only lightweight but strong and versatile
  • Glyph and their Atom and AtomRAID SSD truly rugged drives
  • LowePro and Joby officially part of the Vitec Group
  • BlackRapid with their new Tripod Jacket and WandeR cellphone teather
  • Nikon with their 100th anniversary display with the NASA Cameras
  • Think Tank Photo with their amazing roller bags the compact Navigator and top loading Advantage
  • Sigma with their new 16mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary lens
  • LensBaby and their new Sweet 80 along with the Velvet 85 and Trio 28

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