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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

How it all Went, Part One (Backpacking)

In which photography gear carrying options were hacked with varying levels of success and failure.

There is a huge volume of products designed for various ways to carry and use photography equipment, but most seem to be designed with the idea that they will be used when photography is the primary activity, and the bag used, will be the primary bag. Of course, as a photographer, it can be argued that photography is ALWAYS my primary activity.  But when the other activities occurring require non-photography-centric gear or activities, the methods of carrying photography gear are not always flexible in ways that are needed. 

After any adventure I like to reflect on the gear brought along and how well suited it was to the particular activity. Then compile a wish list of what would be desirable for the next such adventure.

Sign marker along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path,  Pembrokeshire, Wales, U.K.
The adventure undertaken was a backpacking trip along the Pembrokeshire Coast path (partial) in Wales with a side jaunt inland to Brecon.  Travel consisted of planes, trains, buses, walking/hiking (with and without fully loaded backpack) and bicycling (one-day bicycle hire).

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