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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Photography and Sexism: Is it a Thing?

The BBC recently posted an article (dated September 14) regarding the marketing strategy for the new Nikon 850D, and the lack of female photographers utilized in the campaign.  The original article can be read here:
Nikon in spotlight over sexism row but for the sake of convenience, the text is below:
"Nikon has acknowledged criticism from the online photography community over the lack of female photographers in its recent advertising.

So where did the Nikon D850 Sensor come from

Not Sony!
According to Ken Wheeler it is TowerJazz, a Panasonic subsidiary in Israel with sensor plants in Japan. Who else do they make sensors for: Leica, and probably the Israeli military.
Trying to track down more reference to confirm, but the amount of research at least makes sense.

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