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Monday, March 5, 2018

Elinchrome Launches new Portable, Powerful TTL light

Introducing the EBL 500 TTL
The Elinchrome ELB 500 TTL is an incredibly portable and powerful battery pack combining 500ws of power with a feature set that included high speed sync, active charging, full asymmetry with built-in Skyport designed to empower portrait photography in both studio and on location

The ELB 500 head
The Speed and Simplicity of TTL
The ELB 500 TTL is ideal for photographers who find themselves in time sensitive shooting envriornments where  the inherent speed of TTL lets them capture images at the speed of life or for those who simply prefer the convenience of TTL. The "Manual Lock" functionality allows photographers to get an initial "lock" on their expoure in TTL and then switch to m
anual mode to further adjust their exposure as they need or to explore different creative effects.

The Power and Performance of 500ws in an Incredibly Portable Package
The ELB 500TTL is powerful enough to overpowoer the sun, delivers 400 full power flashes on a single charge and has a fast recycling time of 2 seconds at max power, ensuring you won't miss an important moment. The ELB 500 head is smaller than speedlites yet delivers 10 times more power.  It is a lightweight enough to be mounted on a camera bracket or boom arm while on location.

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