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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Hands-On with the Viltrox Mount Adapter

Third-Party Lens Adapter Performs on Features and Image Quality

There are many lens adapters on the market currently, that all basically do the same type of job: connect a lens to a camera for which it is not originally intended. The Viltrox Mount Adapter takes things one step beyond. Not only does this adaptor allow for the mounting of standard sized DSLR lenses onto mirrorless cameras, it will also increase the maximum aperture of that lens. In this particular case, an f/4 lens was able to be shot opened up to f/2.8.

The adaptor has all electrical contacts needed to give the mounted lens full functionality with the camera. It has a built in micro-usb connection for updating the firmware as new lenses and cameras are added to the lineup. It also sports a tripod mount for better balance when using a heavier lens on a rather small camera.   

The Viltrox Mount Adapter EF-EOS M2 0.71x was tested using a Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless camera and the EF 17-40/f4 lens with the adaptor, compared to the EF-M 15-45/3.5-6.3 (without adaptor obviously).

Both lenses were shot at the fullest possible zoom. The EF-M lens was shot at the widest available aperture, f/6.3. The EF lens was shot at f/6.3, 4.0, and 2.8. Shots were taken using a tripod in order to keep the angle consistent. 

Images have been cropped and downsized
 One of the main worries when using a lens adapter, is that the resultant images will suffer from loss of quality. At all apertures the images using the EF lens with the Viltrox adaptor were superior to the image using the EF-M lens. Now, it would be somewhat expected that the lens made for a larger camera would give superior results, but what this shows, is that there was no discernible image degradation with the Viltrox adaptor, making it an excellent option to increase the versatility of your cameras and lenses. Additionally, the ability of the adapter to turn an f/4 lens into an f/2.8 only increases your options.

The Viltrox adapter is available in a wide range of lens/camera options, too numerous to be listed here. In short, there are options for attaching Nikon to Sony, Nikon to Fuji, Canon to Canon, Canon to Sony, and Canon to Fuji, and more. Check out their website ( to see all the possibilities. Viltrox products can be purchased on Amazon (

Lens mount used for this review was generously provided by Viltrox/Shenzhen Jueying Technology Co., Ltd.

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