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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Hands-on with the Orangemonkie Foldio Studio

A Pop-Up, Self-Lit Product Photography Studio for Professionals and Amatuers/Enthusiasts Alike

The OrangeMonkie Foldio Studio, with the optional Halo Bar Lights, is an easy-to-use pop-up style studio for quickly creating quality product photos with minimal camera equipment. With this set-up, the user is easily able to get bright, well-lit images for online sales using only a cellphone camera. The set up is also usable for more sophisticated camera if desired.

Magnetic connectors that
hold the Foldio Studio together

Foldio Studio, courtesty

First impressions of the studio are that of a thoughtful and impeccable design and structure. It is easy to assemble, easy to put away, doesn't require a lot of space to store, and can be ready to shoot out of in minutes. The structure of the studio is stable and durable, it stays steady and in place, and exhibits no danger if disassembly or tipping over. The magnetic buttons that hold the entire assembly together are strong and showed no tendency to spontaneously let go of their connection.

Halo Bar lights with
cords tucked into

The studio comes with three LED bars attached and is ready to shoot out of upon assembly and plugging into a power source. The brightness levels of the light bars are adjustable with a dial controller built into the power cord assembly. If this lighting is insufficient for the needs at hand, the Halo Bar lights are a great lighting supplement and are sold separately in sets of two.

Halo Bar Lights attach to the side walls magnetically
The Halo Bar lights have a groove for the cord to tuck into, but bear in mind it should not be tucked in all the way to the bottom or the lights will not stand. Even at that, there was some intermittent difficulty making them stay in place. Little plastic stands to pop on the bottoms to make them stand up better would be an excellent addition to the Halo Bar light kit.

If a different position for the Halo Bar Lights is desired, they are equipped with magnetic spots to allow them to adhere to the side walls of the studio. They will attach by their sides or bottom. While the fact that they will stick to the wall of the studio is useful, the light angle when stuck to the walls is limited. They will only stick where the magnetic attachment is, which limits the light angle to the rear half of the studio.

Nevertheless, these additional lights add brightness and depth to the installed lighting on the studio.

If, upon using all these lights, it is found that they are not of the correct brightness or angles for the desired results, it is also possible to use the Foldio Studio as a traditional light shed. Using your own studio lights or speed lights, the walls of the studio act as an effective diffusion device to create soft lighting effects.

The Orangemonkie Foldio studio is undoubtedly the most efficient and easy-to-use product photography mini-studio there is. It is the ideal set-up for photographers and non-photographers alike, useful for a wide barrage of product imaging needs.

For more information and where to buy visit
The Foldio Studio used for this review was generously provided by Orangemonkie

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