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Monday, January 1, 2018

Hands-On with the Blackrapid Hybrid Dual Camera Sling Strap

Two cameras with One Shoulder

BlackRapid Hybrid Dual Camera Sling
(Image courtesy

BlackRapid has been making their unique sling camera straps since 2008. Dedication to the needs of photographers, comfort, and equipment security have been a catalyst for the continual improvement and expansion of their product line.

The Breathe line of products feature a moisture-wicking breathable shoulder pad that that provides greater comfort in all climates.

Detailed specs on the BlackRapid Hybrid Dual Camera Sling Strap can be found at the BlackRapid website:

When shooting with multiple cameras while having to move around, one only has so much body space to carry said cameras. Tangling straps and cameras banging into each other is a common problem. The Hybrid Dual Camera Sling solves these problems by keeping cameras separated, preventing them from crashing into each other, as well as leaving a shoulder free for carrying other items.

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