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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Intel Shows off Autonomy at CES 2018 and Mini Drones

Very interesting developments from Intel in the field of autonomy, but for most of our readers here you will be interested in the part beginning at about the 1:27:00: the Intel Shooting Star Mini Drone.
Imagine the responsibilities of controlling up to 100 (or maybe more someday) mini drones for a shoot, be it for creatively lit backgrounds or add a camera and have 1000 different flying perspectives of a scene. Maybe have each one tracking a sports player in an arena, or in a security aspect searching for injured or suspects after a disaster. Heck the possibilities are endless and we here at P3 News are excited!

Seagate and LaCie Cater to Image Makers on the go at CES2018

“Our world is becoming more data-centric, connected and mobile. This means creating, transferring, storing and accessing data quickly and reliably is critical to unlocking the potential of everything – from data created in the field, to data powering self-driving cars, AI personal assistants or virtual and mixed reality experiences,” said Tim Bucher, senior vice president of Seagate consumer solutions. “At Seagate, we’re constantly pursuing innovative ways to address our customer needs so they can gain a competitive edge in whichever field they play.”
Some exciting news from LaCie and Seagate today at CES 2018 for storage options. Possible the most exciting one for photographers and videographers alike is the LaCie® DJI Copilot, its a multi platform compatible mass storage device able to copy from cameras, SD cards and can even connect to phones and tablets and even help re-charge mobile devises. this all in one device is not just a throwback to portable download devices of yesteryear when memory cards were expensive but HDD were cheep. 
Its designed for speed, mobility, ruggedness and portability. It even has a screen to let you know status. its Drop, splash and dust resistant along with a cellphone charger and no need for a computer. If you consume huge sums of memory be it from a drone or camera shooting video or maybe the latest 45mp dslr or a digital medium-format you should highly consider this drive to add to your setup.


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