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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Hands-on With the Manfrotto Aviator Drone Sling

A Classy Comfy Ride for your Drone or Camera

The Manfrotto Aviator Drone Sling Bag M1 is designed to hold a Mavic (or similar folding) drone with a number of carrying options. However, in true Manfrotto-style versatility, it does so much more.
Manfrotto Aviator Drone Sling M1
shown with Mavic drone and
accessories.  Photo courtesy Manfrotto

The unique shape and wide array of interior pads, make packing of drone and accessories convenient and compact, allowing for stacking of items, with accessories protected under the drone, separated by cushioning.

The compact size of this bag offers a number of carrying options. The wide soft straps can be buckled together to be carried sling style, it can buckled around the hips to be work with a backpack, or a strap from another bag can be threaded through the sleeve on the bag's backside for carrying as an add on to a larger bag.  It also has a traditional carry handle for quick grab.

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