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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Introducing Shimoda Designs Adventure Bag System

After a Wildly Successful Kickstarter Launch, the Shimoda Adventure Camera Bag System is Now Available at Retail.

May 4, 2018: Today marks the U.S. launch of Shimoda, the next evolution of the adventure camera bag: an all new system containing 40L and 60L sized backpacks with Modular Core Units, multiple Accessory Cases and a Carry-On Roller. Designed as a reaction to the pain, fatigue and suffering that results from carrying camera gear through the most extreme mountain terrain, Shimoda bags have the flexibility to adjust to changing photo and survival gear needs inside the bag, and to changing weather conditions on the outside. Every component of the Shimoda system is designed and built for serious adventure photographers and their friends explore more.

Shimoda is partnering with Tenba, who brings 40 years of uncompromising manufacturing experience along with MAC Group, the global photo and video products distributor.

"We had an amazing Kickstarter launch where we funded on day one. Our community of ambassadors and supporters has been incredibly supportive and vocal. The excitement for what we have created is palpable and we can’t wait to share the Shimoda system with the world."
Ian Millar, Shimoda Founder

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