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Monday, July 16, 2018

Hands On with the Shimoda Design Explore 60

 It's a photography backpack, but it is also so much more.

There has been a glaring hole in camera backpack offerings for those that want or need to be out for more than a day with camera gear, camping, sleeping rough, or whatnot. The problem of how to carry both photography equipment and camping (or other) gear requires sacrificing space or convenience for one side or the other. The Shimoda Design Explore 60 goes a long way towards solving this need to compromise with it’s secure modular system for carrying camera gear, ample space for non-camera gear, and internal frame and a strapping system that replicates regular (non-camera, made for hiking/camping) backpacks.

Explore 60, photo from
Shimoda Designs website
In other words, it can do it all.

The modular system, or core units, used in the Shimoda bags increases the versatility of the line by several degrees over having a pre-determined sized and shaped compartment for cameras and lenses. Details of the modular options available can be found on the company website, so they will not be rehashed here. They have several different components that will work with multiple configurations to fit a wide assortment of gear and needs. The website also provides all specs on their entire product line. Instead, this review will focus on the user experience with the product, overall impressions, good points, and points that could use improving.

The Shimoda line of camera backpacks and cases is so jam-packed with features it would take all day to cover a comprehensive list of them all.  But each detail, down to accessory strap buckles, was designed thoughtfully, with ruggedness, durability, and versatility in mind.

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