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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pentax K-X Review

The widely talked about Pentax K-x has inspired many to reconsider the brand in combination with the slightly older K7 that came out back in July. With HD Video, 4.7FPS, 11 point AF and many other advanced features including a very impressive ISO 12800 this little camera has many high-end features. Placed around the entry to mid level range this camera is priced to move and compete against the likes of the D5000 and D90 along with the Canon Rebel.
To separate it from its competition Pentax is offering a verity of colors, limited choices here in the USA but over in Japan you can get the entire (seams like it) spectrum of colors and combos.
We haven't gotten a hands-on yet but the folks over at Photography Blog have and have done their homework and through testing on their unit. Check it out HERE

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