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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Announcing the brand new Spyder3Express™

If you find yourself working on an uncalibrated monitor, chances are it is because you find the process of calibrating too technical, difficult or time consuming. Wouldn't it be nice if you could purchase a device that would calibrate your monitor to a beautiful, accurate image without all the technical hassle?

Well look no further! With the introduction of the new Spyder3Express™, Datacolor has created a calibration unit that is as accurate as the rest of the Spyder™ line, but is also very simple to use. With true one step calibration, you can now calibrate your monitor without having to make any technical decisions. You only have to tell the software if you are calibrating a notebook/LCD or a CRT monitor and the rest is automated. It's that simple!

A calibrated monitor not only brings you the correct color and contrast, but it produces a much more beautiful image, saves energy and increase the life of your monitor. The Spyder3Express™ is made for the casual user that uses the computer for digital photography, home videos or web browsing. It has never been easier to achieve correct colors and take full benefit of your digital camera or camcorder.

Spyder3Express is now available at $89 plus S/H.

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