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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Elinchrom Skyport Speed Arrives

The Next Generation of Skyport... Skyport Speed!
Includes: Skyport Eco Transmitter (EL 19349), Skyport Speed Transmitter (EL 19350), Skyport Universal Receiver (EL 19347), Skyport RX Speed Computer USB Transceiver (EL 19348)

New Skyport System Key Benefits
  • Redesigned Cases - Easily avoid accidental power on.
  • LED Indicator Lights - Know at a glance if unit is on/off or if battery needs changing/recharging.
  • Increased Size of Group Sliders - Allows users with large fingers to operate the sliders more easily.
  • Increased Range - 20% increase in shooting distance from original Skyports.
  • Increased DSLR Sync Speeds - Skyport Speed supports camera sync speeds up to 1/280’s (original up to 1/200’s).
  • Micro Controller is 4 Times Faster - Allows Skyport to achieve faster sync speeds and allows for growth to implement enhanced features on future products.
  • Module Auto Power Off - Preserves battery life.
  • New PC to 3.5mm Converter Included With All Universal Sets - Provides the connection between tilt head flashes with a PC socket and Skyport’s 3.5 mm plug. Previously, users had to purchase a separate adapter to connect their flashes in this way.
  • Same Price - Enhanced capabilities at the same great price.

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