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Friday, February 11, 2011

CP+ Trade Show Roundup

 So What Is CP+ you may be asking yourself...

From CP+ Site Here: "CP+ is a comprehensive camera and photo imaging show covering a wide range of aspects of the industry, from the initial input of data to its final output. With the theme “World Premiere—Leading the way to the new age of photo imaging,” the 2011 event will be the first to present the latest information on new products for business users and consumers both inside and outside Japan in order to accelerate the advancement of photo and image culture."
So In other words Its a Japan-based Photo Show that has stepped in basically for the photo industry to announce products at during the normal time of PMA (America) since that has been moved to September (We will be Live again from it, BTW)
Here are some links to stuff that has come from it:

Sigma SD1vs SD15 photos HERE

Medium Format Roundup HERE

1001 Noisy Cameras has a very Detailed List HERE

And the CP+ Homepage HERE

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