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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

HDR Tips from Unified Color

New HDR Tip: Avoid Those Muddy Whites!

This is the first in a series of advanced tips designed to take you to the next level in High Dynamic Range imaging. The tips are created by shooting and teaching pro James Brandon who will be delivering a new tip each month for our blog and newsletters.

HDR Express Screen BAD
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James: One of the more common mistakes I see in HDR is the loss of correct color in a photograph. This could be from pushing specific channels too far like your reds, or from trying too hard to get a "properly exposed image." One mistake that I've been seeing frequently are the muddy whites caused by forcing an image's histogram into submission. If you simply didn't capture full range of light in a scene, but still tell a program like HDR Express to get rid of any white clipping, the program will take your whites and turn them muddy to make you happy. Don't fall victim to this processing failure! READ MORE

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