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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Improve & Evolve YOUR Photographic Composition DVD; New from "ShootSmarter"

Press Release:
Very few photographers are ever fully satisfied with their ability to compose that just right looking photo - so don't think you are the only one! The process of learning to make better pictures is one of the stimulating, challenging, constantly evolving reasons we are photographers, and this DVD was created to help you improve and evolve into a better photographer. Watch and learn as world-class photographer Will Crockett guides you through his process of composing the brand of crisp and vibrant images he is known for. Will shares plenty of examples as he gives you tip after tip that you can use right now to improve your own process of creating timeless photos with ease, simplicity, and pride.

We think this is a "must see" video for all of our readers and viewers - we are extremely proud of it.
In this special ShootSmarter Essentials Series DVD, we present a blend of new content from Will Crockett and some of the previously broadcasted content with Will, fashion photographer Tracy Rasinski, and legendary master portrait photographer Marc Hauser from our Compose Yourself fridayphotoschool WebTV episode. The conversations presented in this DVD between Marc, Tracy and Will are nothing short of amazing. Every minute will captivate and stimulate your photographic composition skill no matter if you are a seasoned pro or just getting serious about shooting.
So how do you develop a better "eye" for framing and cropping better professional photos?
By learning how the pros developed their compositional skill and style and then applying it to your way of using the shutter button, computer cropping and output decisions. It's time for your composition to flourish!
A special DVD at a special price THIS WEEK ONLY.

click here to see a sample clip and to order

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