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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Photo Industry Reporting sites help out in the Japan Disaster

As you all know y now the majority of the current photo industry is based in Japan. Large amounts of R&D and production is done on the islands or at least flows threw it. With the massive earthquake and tsunami affecting businesses on the island nation of Japan we here in the photo Industry news aim to help keep the news flowing from your favorite manufacture. 
Impacts have ranged from none to buildings destroyed and employees injured according to reports from all the major player's in the industry. Traditional news sources like ABC, BBC, CBS, Fox, CNN etc are saying that people should expect to see impacts on delivery of any product made in Japan.

Various other sites also help get the word out
Dpreview has links to donate
1001 Noisy Cameras has a roundup on news and reports from various sources
A Picture's Worth critiques coverage in photography of the events
Imaging Insider keeps up on the latest news from japan
Imaging Resource rounds out the top of the list with various report from the manufacturers
P3 News & Reviews  Round up on disaster news (internal link to tagged articles posted here)

Got News?
We at P3 aim to help not only the industry but also the consumer with the latest news related to photography and the Japan Disaster If you have more information Please contact us and we will do our best to get it up ASAP

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