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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Delkin's SensorScope System Boasts Upgrades and a Newly Issued Patent

What's on Your Sensor and How is it Affecting Your Images?  


 Poway, CA. June 24th, 2011- Today Delkin announced new upgrades as well as a cleared patent (#7,805,070 B2) on their award winning SensorScope® DSLR Sensor Inspection Device and Cleaning System. The inspection tool, which has sold over 50,000 units since September of 2006, utilizes enhanced magnification and LED illumination to present a quick and clear view of a DLSR image sensor before every shoot.    


"Particles of dust, lint and debris on a sensor show up as dark specs and lines in image and video capture," explains Marketing Manager, Anna Lopez. "These imperfections can be minor to extreme and can cost a photographer hours in post-production editing to remove.  In the past a photographer would shoot a blue sky or white wall at F22, transfer the image to a computer and magnify it to find the areas of the sensor that needed to be cleaned; this process would be completed several times until a clean sensor was produced. The SensorScope enables quick and easy inspection with universal compatibility across DSLR brands and models, giving the photographer the ability to inspect and clean quickly and away from the studio."     


Delkin's already comprehensive DSLR image cleaning system also received upgrades this month, with two new components added to the arsenal of cleaning tools that are designed to tackle various types of sensor debris.  A recent partnership with respected manufacturer LensPen® resulted in a custom designed polishing and edging tool inspired by DSLR camera technicians. The SensorPen™ by LensPen® features a non-carbon triangular tip for cleaning the edges of the sensor and polishing the sensor surface, as well as a slide out soft DSLR body brush that safely removes dust and debris from the camera body.  



"Lens Pen has a great reputation among photographers, videographers and camera technicians, and this final polishing and edging step really completes the sensor cleaning process," explains Marketing Manager, Anna Lopez. "Not only does it effectively remove small debris that can become lodged in hard to reach areas, the proprietary material on the tip of the pen reduces overall static on the sensor surface which helps to keep the sensor clean in the future." 


A dual sided lint free cleaning cloth has also been added to the system, with a white microfiber side designed for sensitive exterior optics and a grey terry side for the removal of fingerprints and oils from the SensorScope and camera body. Cleaning Cloth


The award winning system ships with the newly patented SensorScope inspection device, a dual speed SensorVac that removes loose and potentially abrasive particles, 24 double-sided SensorSafe Wands and a bottle of alcohol free SensorSolution that removes chemically adhered contaminants such as pollen, condensation and lubricant, a SensorPen, a SensorCloth, a battery pack to power the SensorVac in the field, and a user guide with step by step instructions for safe inspection and cleaning.  Refill kits that include 15 SensorSafe Wands, a bottle of SensorSolution and a SensorPen can also be purchased, as well as the SensorScope Inspection Device a la carte.  The upgraded SensorScope product family is now shipping to specialty photo and video retailers worldwide and can be ordered directly at  SensorScope System is listed for USD$119.99, SensorScope Inspection Device for USD$79.99 and Refill Kits for USD$34.99.

About Delkin Devices, Inc.
Delkin Devices, Inc. national headquarters is in Poway, California with an International branch in Birmingham, England.  Since 1986, Delkin Devices has been inventing, designing, and delivering innovative new products aimed at "Making Photography Better."  From consumer based products such as memory cards, readers and batteries to professional products such as the SensorScope System®, ImageRouter® and Archival Gold®, Delkin has delivered premium quality, innovative designs, and an ongoing dedication to superior customer support.  Delkin Devices and its products have become industry leaders in both industrial and consumer markets worldwide, and continues to be a leading choice among professional photographers and others passionate about digital photography.   

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