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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Samsung announces ultra-connected SMART Camera and Camcorder line-up throughout range

Optimum combination of superior picture-quality and premium Wi-Fi connectivity make capturing simpler, smarter and more sociable in an instant
Las Vegas – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, announced today its continuing commitment to world-class innovation with the launch of its 2012 SMART Camera line-up, the industry’s most-connected range to date. Samsung’s Wi-Fi enabled technology and features have been developed for photographers of all levels to ensure their photography experience is simpler, smarter and more sociable, while offering complete peace-of-mind.

As a leading innovator in the digital imaging industry, Samsung Electronics is responding to growing consumer demand for integrated Wi-Fi enabled technology. The company’s pioneering SMART Camera range has been engineered to offer superior picture capturing, while maximizing simplicity throughout the entire photographic experience and ensuring that users are just one click away from seamless connectivity.

With more than half of the estimated 2.5 billion digital camera owners in the world sharing their photos via online and social networking sites, and over 100,000 Wi-Fi hot spots in more than 75 countries, the benefits of Wi-Fi have never been more important or accessible. Samsung’s extensive range of Wi-Fi enabled SMART cameras ensure that photographers of all levels, from teenagers to grandparents, can take full advantage of the wireless world - anytime and anywhere.

Following the success of the SH100, Samsung’s line of wireless SMART cameras comprises no fewer than five cameras and camcorders, all Wi-Fi enabled. Showcasing the new premium Wi-Fi connectivity, the recently announced WB850F is a world-class travel camera with 21x zoom capability. The WB850F allows budding photographers to create instant travelogues of their most memorable images with direct upload to Facebook, Picasa or Photobucket thanks to easy Social Sharing, so friends and family can catch up on their latest adventures in real-time. Samsung’s new DualView offering, the DV300F, with a 1.5” front-facing LCD screen is the ideal accessory for the perfect self-portrait. Using the camera’s Wi-Fi connection, photos can be easily and instantly uploaded to Facebook or YouTube via the Social Sharing feature. The SMART camera series also includes the slim and stylish ST200F which not only fits in a purse or pocket, but includes Wi-Fi functionality as well and allows images to be wirelessly saved to a computer in one click via the Auto Backup feature. Additionally, images can be saved to free Cloud storage with Samsung’s AllShare Play and Microsoft® SkyDrive® to make photos accessible through other connected devices.

Mr. Myoung Sup Han, Senior Vice President and Head of the Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics said, “The ability to instantly share, securely save and automatically back-up images on the go make our newest line-up of SMART cameras must-haves for a whole range of photographers. This introduction of Wi-Fi functionality across our 2012 line-up demonstrates Samsung’s continuing commitment to ensuring our customers are provided with a simpler, smarter and more enjoyable camera experience, whatever their skill level. We will continue to create and bring to market innovative products that open up completely new photographic possibilities to our customers”  

With Auto Backup, just Click and go! Samsung’s Wi-Fi functionality enables users to automatically transfer and back-up photos directly to their home PC after a day of capturing images, allowing instant upload and storage. With customizable back-up options to ensure only desired images are shared, consumers enjoy greater peace of mind that photos are safe at home.  

Share special moments on the big (and small) screen With the new Samsung Mobile Link feature, these SMART cameras make it child’s-play to share, store and view photos across home and portable devices - whether direct to a Samsung Smartphone, tablet or internet-enabled TV. In addition, the TV Link capabilities make it easy to connect instantly to a home network of appliances and electronic equipment for additional sharing possibilities.  

Sharing photos in an instant With just one touch of selected photos or videos on a SMART camera, consumers can upload images wirelessly anywhere and anytime, instantly sharing special moments on social networking sites and online albums with the cameras’ Social Sharing feature. The latest wireless features prove that connectivity via Samsung’s SMART cameras opens a new world of creative storytelling, instantly and infinitely shareable. Share travel photos with loved ones on Facebook at the touch of a button.  

Complete control at your fingertips With the innovative Remote Viewfinder feature, users can remotely control camera settings and set-up shots via a connected Smartphone using the camera’s Wi-Fi connection. By adjusting the settings via a mobile device, users can create the perfect shot to ensure everyone is part of the picture or to capture the best shots from a distance.  

Easy Email for personalized sharing With the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, emailing images directly from a Samsung SMART camera to friends and family could not be simpler. Using the onscreen keyboard allows personalized messages to accompany pictures so that special memories can be easily shared with a personal touch.
Save your memories securely to the Cloud Whether at home or out with friends, the ability to upload images and video to the Samsung Allshare Play and Microsoft SkyDrive Cloud services, give users the freedom to take more pictures and the peace of mind that images are safe in the event of loss or damage to the camera. Users can simply access, transfer and backup images to one of these Cloud services or via the PC Auto Backup feature in the comfort of their home. Thanks to the TV Link feature, users can also search and enjoy large-scale images on a connected TV screen at the touch of a button.

Direct to Wi-Fi Devices to make connectivity a cinch Consumers can connect their cameras to Wi-Fi enabled devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets with Wi-Fi Direct, for quick and easy sharing and viewing of images. Whether they want to see pictures on the bigger screen of a laptop, or transfer to a tablet to use as a digital photo frame, Wi-Fi Direct is as easy to use as Bluetooth but offers a superior experience with increased speed and connection quality.

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