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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Mirrorless system cameras are among the top sellers in the camera market today. Nikon and Pentax have recently followed Sony, Panasonic, Olympus and Samsung with the introduction of their first models of these new types of cameras that are appealing to both amateurs and professionals alike. To ease switching to these new camera systems Novoflex Präzisionstechnik GmbH of Memmingen Germany is now introducing adapters to allow the photographer to easily use their older lenses on the Pentax Q and Nikon1. A broad variety of lenses are thus available right from the beginning.
As usual, the “Made in Germany” Novoflex adapters are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They offer highly precise correction of the flange focal distance to ensure focusing to infinity. In addition the following Nikon versions: Minolta AF/Sony Alpha, Nikon and Pentax K feature an integrated aperture control and can be used with lenses with or without a manual aperture ring.

Novoflex adapters for the Nikon1 and PentaxQ will be available for the following lenses:
Canon FD, Contax/Yashica, Leica-M, Leica-R, Minolta AF/Sony Alpha, Minolta MD/MC, M42, Nikon, Olympus OM, Pentax K, T2 and 39 mm screw thread.
Nikon1: NIK1/CAN (Canon FD), NIK1/CONT (Contax/Yashica), NIK1/LEM (Leica M), NIK1/LER (Leica R), NIK1/MIN-MD (Minolta MD/MC), NIK1/MIN-AF (Minolta AF/Sony A), NIK1/CO (M42), NIK1/NIK (Nikon), NIK1/OM (Olympus OM), NIK1/PENT (Pentax K), NIK1/T2 (T2), NIK1/LEI (39mm screw thread).
Pentax Q: PENTQ/CAN (Canon FD), PENTQ/CONT (Contax/Yashica), PENTQ/LEM (Leica M), PENTQ/LER (Leica R), PENTQ/MIN-MD (Minolta MD/MC), PENTQ/MIN-AF (Minolta AF/Sony A), PENTQ/CO (M42), PENTQ/NIK (Nikon), PENTQ/OM (Olympus OM), PENTQ/PENT (Pentax K), PENTQ/T2 (T2), PENTQ/LEI (39mm screw thread).
Besides the new Nikon1 and Pentax Q adapters Novoflex is introducing new adapters with an integrated aperture ring for Leica M cameras suitable also for the M module of the Ricoh GXR camera. Thus, the variety of lenses offered for these cameras is remarkably increased.
The new Leica adapters will be available for the following lenses: Minolta AF/Sony Alpha (LEM/MIN-AF NT), Nikon (LEM/NIK NT) and Pentax K (LEM/PENT NT). Adapters for the new Fujifilm X-Pro1 are also in preparation.
The “Adapter Finder“ on the Novoflex homepage shows all possible adapters for nearly every lens/camera combination. A visit to the homepage is highly recommended. Lens/camera combinations not listed are not available due to technical reasons.
With the addition of the new Nikon1 and PentaxQ adapters Novoflex will now be offering over 125 lens/camera adapters!
The new CAST-FINE allows for even finer adjustment control of the CASTEL-Q focusing rack by adding a 4.4” long extension to the focusing knob. The end of the extension features a 1.6” diameter knurled knob for extra fine control.
Availability of the new products: 

and CAST-FINE: early March
New LEM/*** adapters: middle of March
NIK1/***: beginning of April
Prices to be announced.

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