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Monday, January 1, 2018

Hands-On with the Blackrapid Hybrid Dual Camera Sling Strap

Two cameras with One Shoulder

BlackRapid Hybrid Dual Camera Sling
(Image courtesy

BlackRapid has been making their unique sling camera straps since 2008. Dedication to the needs of photographers, comfort, and equipment security have been a catalyst for the continual improvement and expansion of their product line.

The Breathe line of products feature a moisture-wicking breathable shoulder pad that that provides greater comfort in all climates.

Detailed specs on the BlackRapid Hybrid Dual Camera Sling Strap can be found at the BlackRapid website:

When shooting with multiple cameras while having to move around, one only has so much body space to carry said cameras. Tangling straps and cameras banging into each other is a common problem. The Hybrid Dual Camera Sling solves these problems by keeping cameras separated, preventing them from crashing into each other, as well as leaving a shoulder free for carrying other items.

The Hybrid Dual is configured to allow for one camera to hang cross-body and the other to hang straight down from shoulder holding the strap. All the features of the high-quality BlackRapid system are present with a few extras to make two-camera carrying much more efficient than with separate straps.

The rubber washer at the tripod socket connection point keeps the camera securely attached and the swivel locking metal carbiner keeps it from unscrewing spontaneously and unclipping. An available safety tether provides an additional fail-safe to keep the camera attached to the BlackRapid strap in the unlikely event of tripod socket failure.

Connectr and Fastenr with Lockstar, 
open and closed.  Double security for 
locking carbiner, will only close when 
carbiner is fully engaged in locked position.
If  two cameras are not needed all the time, the Hybrid Dual has one strap that is removable (the one that hangs straight down) for greater versatility.

This method of camera-carry took a little getting used to. This product will work differently with different sizes and shapes of people.  I am using it as a average to small sized female with the shoulders of such.

With the initial use, there was a constant sensation like the shoulder pad portion would slide off my shoulder while the cross body camera was in use. However, I think much of the balance and weight problems experienced have more to do with shoulder width and shape, than with the product. I often have trouble carrying things on one shoulder without sliding off. Having a weighty camera on shoulder while moving around and shooting with the other was no different.

The underarm strap was very effective in keeping the shoulder pad in place and provided extra stability when the cross body camera was hanging with the straight down camera was in use.  It did not, however, provide any increase in security to sensation of about to slip off the shoulder when using the cross-body camera.

When I positioned the straight down camera more to the front of me rather than off to the side, the sliding-off-the-shoulder feeling was greatly diminished. Having a smaller/lighter camera on that side also helps with balance and stability. The situations the strap was used in for review purposes, however,  required the use of two rather large and heavy cameras.
Hybrid Dual with cameras attached
(Image courtesy

Each individual using this strap will need to spend a little time with it to adjust things for optimum balance and stability.  It is well worth the time to do so.  Using a different combination of lenses and camera bodies will most likely require tweaks to the lengths and adjustments. 

After adjusting how the cameras rode, getting used to the strap and becoming secure in the knowledge that it was not actually going to slide off my shoulder and crash to the ground, the conclusion was made that I will never go back to shooting two cameras on two different straps again.

Trade-In Program: Recycle your Black Rapid Straps!

BLACKRAPID’s Trade-In Program allows customers to trade-in their old straps whose one-year warranties have expired, or a sling style strap from another brand. This program offers you a new strap from our current line at a discounted price. Have a strap that you need to trade-in? Just follow the instructions on the website:

The Hybrid Dual strap used for this review was generously provided by BlackRapid.

Pro-tip:  If you find that you are constantly changing how you carry cameras and want a standard strap for some uses and a BlackRapid sling strap for others, using a standard strap that uses a clip on and off style of attachment will bring greater efficiency to changes out carrying methods. 

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