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Thursday, January 18, 2018


Hasselblad raises the bar again for imaging quality with the latest H6D-400c MS. Delivering higher resolution, even more accurate color, and stunning image detail to the professional imaging world.

Built to exceed expectations, the H6D-400c MS captures true RGB color data with each pixel, defining subtle nuances and capturing detail without adding moire. Be it fine cars, delicate fabric, or shimmering diamonds, when the ultimate image quality is required, the H6D-400c MS answers this call.


The red, green and blue information is captured individually by moving the sensor exactly 1 pixel at a time.

The same process as with the 4-shot is applied, with the sensor moving an extra 1/2 pixel in both directions.

ELIMINATES MOIRÉ The advanced Multi-Shot technology eliminates moiré in fine texture and detail by negating the need for interpolation. The result is a color and detail reproduction more realistic than any other camera system.

Photographed by Michael Ulsaker

EASE OF USE The new H6D-400c MS is built on the proven H6 platform from Hasselblad. With an intuitive touch screen, integrated WiFi, smooth live-view, and USB Type-C connectivity, you can now achieve the best in image quality without sacrificing ease of use or control.

RENTAL PROGRAMThe H6D-400c MS will also be available through Hasselblad’s Rental program with the following rates:

1 - 3 days: $475
4 - 6 days: $385
7 - 9 days: $320
10 days and up: $240

The H6D-400c MS will begin shipping March 2018 with a MSRP of $47,995. Pre-orders can start to be taken January 16th.

Product features
The H6D-400c MS inherits all the features and functionality of our standard single shot cameras.

100MP CMOS Sensor
At the cameras heart lies our 53.4 x 40mm 100MP CMOS sensor, with its wide ISO range, 16-bit colour data and 15 stops dynamic range, it is capable of delivering stunning images even when conditions are not ideal.

USB 3.0 Type-C
USB 3.0 Type-C connector allows connection to any platform without the need for an adapter. It also delivers very fast transfer rates for tethered shooting, high speed data transfers and 30FPS live view.

3.0-inch touch rear display
The 3” high definition rear display boasts touch capability with user customisation options including assigning favourite functions to touch buttons. With a resolution of 920K dots, the image display performance delivers clear, colour accurate image reviews and a pin sharp Liveview experience.

Dual media card slots
The CFast 2.0 card slot offers very high speed data transfer rates and is uniquely qualified for use with the high data bandwidths required for HD & UHD video and continuous stills shooting. The industry standard SD card slot ensures very good data transfer rates and wide ranging compatibility with existing card readers.

HD & UHD video
When you simply need the highest quality, the H6D-400c MS can also capture UHD (4K) video in Hasselblad’s proprietary RAW video format.

Modular system
The H6D-400c MS builds on our existing modular design offering flexibility and convenience for a range of photographic needs.

Improved back removal process.

Wi-Fi, HDMI & Audio I/O

High speed Wi-Fi gives you the freedom to preview your shots wirelessly using Phocus Mobile on an iOS device.

True Focus II
Hasselblad’s unique True Focus ensures that the focus is accurately adjusted to give razor sharp images.

Learn more about True Focus - Download our Medium Format Advantages Brochure

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